I am Going Streaking + My Thanksgiving Meal

Yep, it’s true I plan to go streaking……..

A running streak that is…what were you thinking?! ;) Just kidding. In all seriousness though, I decided to join in the fun and participate in a run streak. Runners World does a run streak every year, and I have always wanted to do it, but typically I am starting my Boston training at the time so I never do.

This year since I don’t have Boston to train for, which I am still sad about, I decided I would participate in the fun. Starting on Thanksgiving those who participate run every day until News Year Day, for a full 36 days. To complete the run streak, you just have to run 1 mile everyday. Share your progress with the hash tag #RWRunStreak.

Being that I just had my baby a little over a month ago, I plan to take it easy, and do the minimum 1 mile a day if I need to. And if I think it’s too much, I know when to stop. It should be fun. However,  I am not looking forward to those runs in sub zero weather, or when it’s like an ice skating rink outside. Hopefully those will be saved for after the New Year.  You should join too!! Still trying to convince my hubby, but he says he likes his rest day.

blog photo running

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I thought I would share what I am bringing to the table. My sister is hosting Thanksgiving at her house, and my parents will be in town, so we are joining them. I am making the cranberry sauce, a sweet potato dish and the pie. Marc is contributing his green bean casserole, which is far from healthy. I try to make it “healthier” with organic ingredients, but what can you do. ;) He’s spoiled my sister with his “famous” dish, nutritionist not approved.

Spiced Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce yummy

I love cranberry sauce, but I hate it’s typically laden with sugar…way to much sugar. I use coconut sugar in mine (or you can use brown sugar), with dried apricots, dried cranberries, ginger, orange zest and juice, and fresh organic cranberries. That’s it. I love the the flavors created with the use of the orange and ginger. I seriously eat this for months during this time of year. It’s super easy and fast to prepare.

Creamy Garlic Sweet Potato Au Gratin (Vegan)

yum sweet potatoes

This is a much healthier version to the traditional sweet potato dish served at Thanksgiving, that’s loaded with sugar. My dish doesn’t have any added sugar. It’s an old family recipe, that I recreated, getting rid of the heavy whipping cream and high portion of butter. I use coconut milk instead. It’s still creamy, but I do warn you it will give you garlic breath. It has a creamy garlic sauce.

Last year I made a Vegan Molasses Pumpkin Pie (GF), but this year I am doing a Almost Raw Vegan Pumpkin Pie, that is also GF. I hope it turns out. If not my sister has back up with a apple pie, and I am still debating on whether or not I will do a sweet potato pie. I have done one before, and I think it’s almost better than Pumpkin Pie….yes I said it.

If the pie turns out, I will be sure to share the recipe. ;)

Marc, Baby R, my sister and I are doing the Turkey Trot tomorrow morning. It’s Baby R’s first race, although it’s more like a fun run, and it’s her first Thanksgiving. This is a tradition in our family and Marc and I have done it the past two years.  It’s supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow with some sun. Can’t complain about that!!

Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with friends and family!!

Be Whole and Be Fit

Have you ever done a run streak, and for how long? What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What are you bringing to the party?